1. The volume of the article

The article published in the quarterly Studies Bobolanum should contain up to 40,000 typographic characters (including spaces ). The article should not exceed 40 pages standard typescript .

The texts in Word format should be sent by e-mail the Editorial Board of Studia Bobolanum

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

2. The structure of the article

Article has the following structure :


Name of the Author

Affiliation of the Author

The text of the article :

- the text of the article should be divided into at least three parts

- each part should contain the title (in bold )

- titles do not end with a dot

- the title is preceded by another Arabic numeral

- digital multi-row numbering ( 1, 2 , 3 .; 1.1 . , 1.2 .; 1.1.1 . , 1.1.2 . ) must be used to mark each of the separate parts of the text

- completion is signalled by the graphic symbol * * * , boldfaced and aligned to the    centre



- all references cited in the text are included at the end of the article and prepared in accordance with the model used in the Studia Bobolanum available on the magazine's website

- quoted items are presented in alphabetical order

- they are preceded by the heading "Bibliography"


Article Summary:

- in Polish it contains approx. 2,000 typographic characters (including spaces)


Keywords / Tags:

- five keywords (first in English then in Polish) describing the thematic scope of the    article

- given keywords should be listed in an order stating general keywords  first

- keywords are separated by commas

- after the last keyword there is no full stop



- footnotes should be consistent with the model used in the Studia Bobolanum           available on the journal's website



- pages of the article: continuous numbering, Arabic numerals, up or down on the      right side

- footnotes: continuous numbering, Arabic numerals

3. Review of a book

In the case of a book review a biography should be included.